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Car submerged in water for 10 minutes? Windows and gates should open, know what is the new ANCAP safety test

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ANCAP Vehicle Submergence Test:
If any person is interested in cars, then he must know about why the crash test of vehicles is done after all. Actually, with the help of crash test, it is known that how safe is your vehicle at the time of accident, that is, did the airbag of this vehicle work or not? Now a different level of campaign has been started for the safety of vehicles. The Australian Independent Crash Testing Authority (ANCAP) says that they are going to start submergence testing of the car from the year 2023. ANCAP has also said that this special test for vehicles can be started from the beginning of next year i.e. in the month of January.

With the help of submergence test, ANCAP will try to find out how safe a user’s vehicle is during a fall or drowning in water. ANCAP’s effort is to find out with the help of this test whether the parts of the vehicle are working properly or not. ANCAP said about this that the car makers will have to pay attention to the specific performance of their cars.

Is something necessary?
ANCAP says that car manufacturers will have to provide proof that after the vehicles are submerged in water, the passengers sitting in the vehicle will be able to open the doors for 10 minutes or not? Apart from this, whether they will be able to open the electric window in the event of a sinking of the car. The ANCAP says this is being done so that the passenger can try to get out safely from inside the car during dangerous situations like drowning. If the car door or window does not open when the car is submerged in water, car manufacturers should provide a method by which the window or doors can be easily and safely broken. The ANCAP has also said that car manufacturers should mention this in the manual guide of the vehicle.

Another special feature
Significantly, this submergence test of vehicles is going to be part of the Adult Occupant Protection Assessment Area of ​​ANCAP. Apart from this, ANCAP is also going to introduce a new feature like Child Presence Detection System. The rear seat and doors will be monitored in this system. The special thing is that if the child in the car gets locked inside the car, then this feature will also inform the driver. The special thing is that the notification will be sent to the phone to inform.

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