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Car Modifications: Get these five things done by buying a base variant car, your car will become better than the top variant

There is a huge difference between the prices of the base variant and the top variant of any car. Sometimes this difference becomes more than double. We are telling you in this news that if you also buy the base variant of a car due to the budget, then you can make it much better than the top by spending less than the top variant.

seat cover

Seat covers play an important role in giving a premium look to any car. If premium quality seat covers are installed in the car from a good shop, then the look of the car changes to a great extent. Good quality seat covers give a premium look to the car. Their cost comes from three to six-seven thousand rupees.

big screen music system

Many companies do not provide music system in the base variant of the car or a very small size music system is given. But if you spend only seven to 10 thousand rupees instead, then a nine-inch music system can be installed in the car. It lets you watch videos of your choice on the big screen and with support for Apple Car Play and Android, you can get a better travel experience.

ambient lights

If different colored lights are lit in your car at night, then definitely people sitting in other vehicles notice your car. At the same time, your car also gets a premium look through ambient lights. Ambient lighting is now available in many expensive cars as well as in the top variants of many cars. But it can be fitted in any car from outside for two to three thousand rupees.

arm rest

During long journeys, if you get arm rests for the driver and co-passenger, then the journey becomes quite comfortable. Usually, in the base variant of any car, the front arm rests are given only in the doors. But the top variant also gets a center arm rest for the driver and co-passenger. If you have a base variant car, arm rests can be fitted from outside for between Rs 600-700.


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