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Car Mileage: Mileage Drops Due to These Mistakes, Pay Attention Before Driving

Driving a car is easy, but maintaining its mileage can be challenging. Many small mistakes can lead to a drop in car mileage. Knowing these common mistakes and how to avoid them can help you increase your car’s efficiency. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before driving to ensure better mileage.

Immediate Acceleration

One common mistake is pressing the accelerator as soon as the car starts. This can cause two problems: it reduces your car’s mileage and increases fuel consumption, which affects your pocket. It is better to let the car idle for a few seconds before accelerating.

Cold Engine Starts

When you start your car in the morning after it has been parked overnight, the engine is cold. You might notice that the RPM is initially high but decreases after a few moments. Driving at high RPM when the engine is cold increases friction, which negatively affects mileage. Always wait a few seconds for the RPM to reduce before driving.

Car Tips: Reasons for Falling Mileage

Improper Tire Pressure

Incorrect tire pressure is another reason for reduced mileage. Both low and high air pressure can affect your car’s performance. Low tire pressure increases friction, which can lead to a drop in mileage. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.

Delayed Servicing

Not servicing your car on time can also affect its mileage. Old engine oil increases friction, causing the car to consume more fuel. Regular maintenance ensures that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.


Why does immediate acceleration reduce car mileage?

  • Immediate acceleration increases fuel consumption and reduces efficiency, leading to lower mileage.

How does cold engine start affect mileage?

  • Starting and driving a car with a cold engine increases friction, which negatively affects mileage.

What is the impact of improper tire pressure on mileage?

  • Incorrect tire pressure increases friction, leading to reduced mileage.

Why is timely car servicing important for mileage?

  • Regular servicing ensures the engine runs smoothly, reducing friction and improving fuel efficiency.

How can I improve my car’s mileage?

  • Avoid immediate acceleration, wait for RPM to settle, maintain proper tire pressure, and ensure timely servicing.

What happens if I don’t maintain my car properly?

  • Neglecting maintenance can lead to increased friction, reduced mileage, and higher fuel consumption.

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