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Car Essential Tools: Always keep these five tools in your car, will help you in trouble

While driving a car, minor problems arise when a lot of problems have to be faced. Therefore, you should always keep such tools in your car, which will come in handy in trouble. We have brought you five such tools, which can save you from unwanted trouble.

Car Tool Kit: Cars are meant to make your journey easy and comfortable . Imagine that in the middle of a long journey you get stuck on the way due to a minor fault in the car. This happens because the car does not have the necessary tools so that minor faults can be rectified immediately . But by keeping handy tools in your car, you can avoid such troubles. There are many tools available in the market that can easily perform various tasks related to the car. Every user’s car must have some such tools so that they do not have to face untoward incidents. That’s why we have brought you five essential tools to keep in the car.

first aid box

Small or big accidents can happen to humans at any time. Your car is no exception to this. If someone gets hurt while traveling in a car, then immediate attention has to be paid. Therefore, a first aid box must be there in the car. Although companies provide a first aid kit with the car. The first aid kit of the car should contain the necessary medicines and other medical items.


Lifehammer is a small tool, which is very useful in emergency situations. If the people sitting in the car get stuck in the car for some reason, then lifehammers are used to break the glass of the car or break the windshield. Apart from this, this tool is also very useful in cutting seatbelts. Therefore, to avoid any emergency, keep a lifehammer in your car.

Jumper cables

Forget keeping an eye on when was the last time the car’s battery was changed. Therefore the car battery starts discharging or becomes weak. It becomes very difficult to start the car at such an occasion. To avoid this kind of trouble, jumper cables are used. It is impossible to start the car without a jumper cable when the car battery is weak or low.


The WD-40 is another amazing tool that you should have in your car. This magical thing can help you lubricate almost everything in your car. With its help, the rusted screw or bolt can be opened easily. Grease and grime can become a problem at times but this spray helps you get rid of all the problems in one go.

Fire extinguisher

This is the last but very useful tool on this list. Most of the people in India believe that it is necessary to have extinguisher only in CNG cars, but let us tell you that due to short circuit, any fuel car can catch fire. For any emergency like this, a fire extinguisher in your car is a must. When it expires, it should be replaced immediately.

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