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Car Care Tips: Use of correct engine oil increases the life of the engine in the car, know what are the options.

If you also want to increase the lifespan of your car engine, then it is very important to keep some things in mind. How to choose the right engine oil for the age of the engine. Let us know.

Often people damage the car engine due to carelessness. This also happens by choosing the wrong engine oil. In this news, we are giving you information about some things, keeping in mind that you can easily choose the right engine oil for your car.

normal engine oil

Quite common engine oils for cars are also offered by many companies. These are commonly known as mineral engine oils. The price of this type of oil is also very low and works better in normal temperatures. But this type of engine oil is not able to work effectively in very low or high temperatures.

semi synthetic oil

Apart from mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil is also used in cars. This type of oil has some characteristics of mineral oil and synthetic oil. Due to which this oil is better than mineral. In this, mineral oil is mixed along with synthetic oil. Due to which better quality is obtained even in low temperatures.

synthetic oil

It is also known as fully-synthetic engine oil. This type of oil is offered by many companies. It is also known for its excellent lubrication and its performance is also excellent. At the same time, vehicles with fully synthetic engine oil also give more mileage. Fully synthetic oil contains special molecules that provide better lubrication. This oil works well even at maximum and minimum temperatures. But making this oil is expensive, due to which it is costlier than the other two oils. If you drive your car between low temperatures as well as high temperatures, then using this type of oil may be better for your car.


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