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Car Care Tips: If you want to protect your car from rust in winter, then stay away from these two things, the car will remain safe.

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In many states of the country, there is a significant drop in temperature and it is becoming cold. In such a situation, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your car and protect it from rust, then what things can be done by keeping it in mind? We are giving you this information in this news.

Do not park in the open

However, parking the car in the open should be avoided in any season. But doing this in the winter season increases the risk of rust on the car. Apart from rain, there is a danger of water getting stuck on the car during winter season also. Due to which there is a risk of rust on the car. Due to humidity in winter, water droplets freeze on a car parked in the open. Due to stagnation of water for a long time, the car gets rusted. Even if there is a scratch or dent on the car, it should be repaired. Otherwise, due to lack of paint on that part, there is a high risk of rusting.

Do not wash car with water

Apart from parking the car in the open, one should also avoid washing the car with water during the winter season. Even after washing with water, water remains on the outer surface of the car. Which gradually spoils the metal and starts rusting. Instead of water, spray and cloth can be used to clean the car in winter. Along with this, applying wax on the car can also be a better option.

get coating done

There are many types of coating options available in the market to protect the paint and body of the car. The advantage of getting any of these coatings done is that water does not stagnate on the surface of the vehicle. The advantage of not having stagnant water is that the risk of rust on the car is reduced. Besides, the lifespan of the car also becomes longer.


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