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Car Care Tips: If you want to increase the life of your car’s brakes, then keep these four things in mind, know the details

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A large number of road accidents in the country occur due to driver negligence. But some of these accidents also occur due to brakes not working properly. In this news, we are telling you that by keeping in mind what things the life of brakes in the vehicle can be easily increased.

how to keep brakes cool

Brake life reduces when they are used excessively. Due to excessive use, the temperature of the brakes increases significantly and even after applying brakes, it becomes difficult to stop the vehicle properly. Therefore the temperature of the brakes should be kept normal or cool. For this, the car should be stopped for some time so that the brakes cool down quickly.

keep distance

The best way to increase the life of brakes is to apply brakes less. This is possible when you maintain a safe distance from other cars. If you drive while maintaining distance from other vehicles, the need to apply brakes is reduced.

speed control

Apart from maintaining distance from other vehicles, if you also control the speed of your car. Even so, the life of the brakes can be easily extended. Due to driving the car at low speed, there is no need to stop the car again and again. In such a situation, the temperature of the brakes also reduces and their lifespan also increases.

There are benefits of downshifting

Just applying brakes is not enough to stop the car. In fact, the car can also be stopped by downshifting the gear. This also improves the life of the engine and brakes. To reduce the speed of the vehicle, down the gear in the same proportion. The advantage of this will be that there is no bad effect on the gear box. After this the car also slows down effectively. Sharp braking should be avoided. Not only will the brakes wear less, but the tires will also rub less.

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