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Car Care Tips: If you want to drive a car safely in fog, then what things should you keep in mind, know everything

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Driving Tips In Fog
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Fog has disrupted life in Delhi and many states of North India. Driving the car is becoming difficult due to very low visibility on the road. So we are giving you some such information in this news. Keeping these in mind, one can remain safe while driving a car.

drive car in low beam

When driving a car in fog, the car should never be driven on high beam. Driving a car in high beam makes one unable to see in fog. In such a situation, the lights should always be kept on low beam while driving the car. This improves visibility and also reduces the risk of an accident.

use fog lamp

It is better to use fog lamps in the car during fog. Fog lamps in the car are placed downwards, which increases the illumination on the road. In this way, the driver can see better while driving the car and it becomes easier to drive the car.

take care of speed

Due to fog, visibility on the road reduces considerably. Due to which it becomes difficult to drive the car even at normal speed. Therefore, one should always keep speed in mind while driving a car in fog. Never drive the car at high speed. Try to drive the car a little slowly. Due to this, there will be no delay in applying brakes at the time of need and we will be able to travel safely.

maintain safe distance

Due to low visibility in fog, it is difficult to drive a car by seeing other vehicles. Therefore, you should try to keep a safe distance from the vehicles moving around you. By driving a car in this way, you will be safe from any accident and will also be able to keep other vehicles safe.


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