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Car Care Tips: If there is bad smell inside your car, then do these five things, you will not be troubled.

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Many people complain that the car cabin smells bad even if it is clean. Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in traveling while using the car. In this news we are giving you information about its reasons and solutions.

Which cars smell bad?

Often, there are more complaints of bad smell in cars which are used less. This happens because when the car is used less, the closed cabin does not have proper ventilation. In all types of weather, when the car is parked with the windows closed, a bad smell starts to appear. To avoid this, it is better to use a car.

Do not smoke in the car

People who smoke while sitting in their car. There are many complaints about their cars also that the car smells bad. Due to smoking, the smell does not come out from the cabin and hence people do not like to sit in such cars. To avoid this, do not smoke in the car cabin.

Do not eat in the car

Some people have a habit of eating many things while traveling in a car. Due to eating food in the car, some pieces fall at such places, which becomes very difficult to clean. When such food is left in the car for a long time, it also starts smelling. Therefore, try not to eat anything inside the car.

keep the car clean

Some people turn their car into a mobile home. In such a situation, sometimes such items are left in the car which later starts giving off a bad smell. Therefore, try to keep your car as clean as you can. By doing this, the complaint of bad smell in the car can be easily removed.


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