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Car Care Tips: How many types of filters are there in the car, what do they do, know the complete details


air filter
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Use of filter is also very important to run the car properly. There is more than one type of filter in cars. Which helps in driving the car properly. In this news we are telling you how many types of filters are there in the car.

What is the function of air filter?

The job of this filter is to supply clean air to the engine when the vehicle is running. Apart from small particles of soil present in the air, this filter also prevents many types of dirt from entering the engine. The air filter is usually located near the engine in the car and must be changed during service.

Oil filter is also necessary

The most important thing in an engine is oil. Driving a car without oil is a big problem but if the oil is also dirty then the problem does not end. An oil filter is installed to supply clean oil to the engine. Installing an oil filter keeps any kind of dirt and debris away from the engine. The oil filter should also be changed every time it is serviced.

AC filter is also necessary

There is a filter inside the car which is also called AC filter or cabin filter. When we start the AC of the car, its job is to keep the air of the car clean. Along with this, it also filters the air coming from outside. With this filter, dust, dirt etc. do not reach the cooling coil of the AC. In most vehicles, this filter is behind the glove box inside the dashboard.

What does fuel filter do?

While filling petrol or diesel in the car, a fuel filter is installed to ensure that any kind of dirt does not enter the fuel tank. In petrol engine cars, its job is to clean the petrol, whereas for diesel engine cars, its job is to clean the diesel as well as prevent rust.



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