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Car Care Tips: Does sweating get rid of the tension of vehicle overheating? These methods will solve the problem

car engine care tips

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Car Engine Care Tips: If you are facing the problem of engine overheating in your car, then with the help of these tips you can get rid of this problem.

Car Engine Care Tips:Many times it has been seen that your car starts overheating when it runs too much. Due to overheating, many problems start appearing in the car, in which the mileage of the car decreases, the car engine stops repeatedly and the sound of the engine increases. Changes are included. Today, we will tell you some tips to avoid these problems, with the help of which you can take care of your car. overheat If so, you can fix it.

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car overheating

The engine of the car mostly overheats due to these 2 reasons. The first is that either you are driving the car in an area with very hot temperature, then the engine of your car gets overheated, the second reason is that you have to drive the car continuously for a long time. In most of the cases of overheating of the engine, these 2 main reasons come to the fore.

What to do when the car overheats

If the engine of your car has overheated due to running continuously for a long time or due to being in hot temperature, then for this you should give rest to the car for some time, for this you should park your car in a safe place. Can. Because if this is not done, there is a danger of engine damage.

don’t open the radiator cap

The radiator cap of the car engine should not be opened when the car engine is running because the radiator works to keep the engine cool. Coolant is filled in the radiator. The coolant also gets very hot when the engine overheats. In such a situation, if you open the cap of the radiator, then this coolant can jump with a lot of pressure and fall on you, which can burn your skin.

check coolant leakage

Even if all the parts of the car are fine, sometimes the car overheats, then there is a possibility that the coolant of the car may have leaked. For this reason also the engine of the car gets overheated. If the coolant is also working properly in the car, then it is possible that there is a leakage in the radiator of the car, for this check under the car and if so, then get this car checked by a mechanic.


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