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Car Care Tips: After buying a new car, take care in these four ways, otherwise you will get worried, know everything

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A large number of cars are sold in the country every year. But after buying a new car, people often become careless, which can cause damage to the car. In this news, we are telling you some such reasons, if kept in mind then there will be no problem in the car.

Don’t keep too much stuff

Excessive overloading in a new car can be harmful. Some people like to go out with their family after buying a new car. They also keep more stuff than their capacity. Due to which there is a lot of pressure on the components of the new car. It is better to avoid doing this for at least 1000 kilometers.

warm up the engine

After buying a new car, some people start traveling as soon as they start the car. Whereas doing this should be avoided in a new car. Do not start driving immediately, rather let the car engine warm up a bit and allow the engine oil to circulate properly. With this, the piston and piston rings can be protected from early wear.

Save your car from expensive oil

Fuel is sold by many companies in the market. Along with normal fuel, premium quality fuel is also offered at petrol pumps. After buying a new car, people think that expensive premium petrol can be better for the car engine. But instead of filling premium petrol or diesel in a new car, normal oil should be used. Premium petrol contains many additives, which can damage engine parts.

Do not drive the car at one speed

A new car should never be driven at the same speed for a long time. This increases the risk of loss instead of benefit. Because if the speed of the car is kept the same, then the engine runs at the same RPM for a long time. Due to which the engine is not able to be set since it is new and later it gets damaged.



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