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Car AC Tips: Even in the hot summer, the AC of your car will make a chilled atmosphere like Shimla-Manali! Follow these tips

Car AC: If the AC of your car is not cooling properly then you should follow the tips given below.

Car AC Tips For Best Cooling: If your car’s AC is not cooling the cabin properly, then you can adopt some tips, which can get you out of this problem and your car’s AC will start cooling the cabin properly. . Let us tell you three important tips one by one. First of all, let’s talk about the regular service of AC of the car. A common but really important thing to keep the interior cool of the car during summers is to get the AC of the car serviced regularly. Actually, if the machines are not serviced at regular intervals, then they are not able to perform well. The same happens with the AC (air conditioning) of the car. That is why, if the AC of your car is not cooling properly then you may need to get the car AC service done. 

Get the cabin ac air filter replaced regularly


Turn on AC at slow speed

Whenever you turn on the AC, first run it at a slow speed. This helps in better cooling. If you set the blower to high speed in the beginning, then the AC will start using the hot air inside your car, which will reduce the cooling. Whereas, if the blower is at a slow speed, it will use the fresh air outside the car, which will give better cooling.

use recirculation mode

When the cabin of the car cools down, turn on the recirculation mode and use it. Due to this, the AC of the car will stop taking outside air and will cool the car further by using the cold air inside the car. This will give you a better cooling experience.

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