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Capitalism in action: free LibreOffice is on sale in the Mac App Store for $9 and no Java

The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the release of LibreOffice on the Mac App Store. And there the free version of the office suite became paid. Developers evaluate her at $8.99. And although not a big amount for an office suite, such an innovation may come as a surprise to some, because on other platforms the same software is free.

The TDF explained that the money will be used to support the future development of the organization. They also said they want to improve support for ordinary and corporate users.

Note that earlier versions of the office suite specifically for the Mac App Store were formed by Collabora, and not by The Document Foundation. These distributions were missing the Java package, which may limit functionality. This version cost $10 but came with three years of technical support. By the way, this version is available in Russia, the package in the App Store can be purchased for 849 rubles.

At the same time, no one interferes with The Document Foundation download and install the version from the developer’s site. There is also an assembly for Mac, while Java is just present in it. Both versions are based on the same source code.

Previously reportedthat in Russia they began to sell a domestic office suite.

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