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Cancer- the great killer

Cancer has become the neumero uno killer of human population in the year 2007 & 2008. Almost 20 thousand people died of cancer everyday in last year. The killer disease has become so dreaded that no country is spared from its clutch. Starting from developed to under developed countries, aged to old, rich to poor, it has spread its wing all over.

According to a survey there were around 51 lakh cancer cases in developing countries and 21 lakh people lost their life due to cancer. In developed nations around 60.5 lakh cases were there and 40.7 lakh people died out of this  disease. In developed countries lungs, liver & kidney cancers are common in men and breast, ovary & liver cancers are usual in women. In developing countries prostrait, Lungs & general cancer are in prominence in men and in women apart from general & lungs cancer, breast cancer is emerging as a major culprit. Out of every 03 men cancer patients in developed nations, two are diagnosed as liver & kidney cancerian. Women are more prone to contamination of ovary & liver cancer.

In both developed & developing countries lungs, liver & ovary cancers are the greatest killers. The major reason of this being, 15% of the entire cancer cases are due to contamination. The contaminated cancer cases in developing countries are three times more than that of developed countries. It is around 26% in developing nations and 08% in developed nations.

In developing nations the curiosity & quest of living like king-size is the foremost reason of increasing cancer patients. Without realizing the facts & figures of western countries, people of developing countries just immitate the lifestyle of comparatively cold & resourceful west. Among these, smoking, drinking, eating high colostral food & lack of physical work are some of the major adoptions. The worst nightmare in developing countries is, most of the cancer patients are from havenots, who even cannot afford the treatment, contrary to the belief that cancer being a disease of rich for royal. In developed countries most of the victims of cancer are due to carelessness of awareness and treatment.

So more or less the dangerous- dracula is a worry for the entire world altogether. If we do not improve our lifestyle, awarness & timely treatment, this will stretch its cluth slowly & steadily. Perhaps a complete restrospection of our habits & lifestyle is required to lead a  healthy & cancer-free society, otherwise the greatest killer will become the tallest one to make everyone to touch its feet.

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