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Cancer in the body learned to determine by temperature

Briefly about the research is written by InScience. The authors explained that cancers, impaired blood flow, arthritis and other diseases alter body temperature. However, the problem is that it is impossible to accurately measure the temperature inside the body without damaging the skin. Therefore, the researchers came up with a method of radiothermography – it allows you to measure the temperature distribution inside the body.

Scientists have even developed the necessary hardware and software. Taken together, it allows you to accurately determine the location of the source of increased heat in the body.

The procedure looks like this: a small antenna is placed on the body, and the patient drinks an aqueous solution of glucose. Because of this, the body temperature rises evenly by 0.1-0.2 degrees. If there is a tumor somewhere, then the temperature in it will rise sharply by 1-2 degrees for several minutes. The device will record these changes. So doctors will be able to detect an internal malignant tumor and even determine the depth of its location.

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