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Canara Bank’s special FD scheme launched, returns up to 6.50% in a period of 666 days

Canara Bank Special FD Offer: Since the decision of the Reserve Bank of India to increase the repo rate, many banks have increased their fixed deposit rates, savings account rates and loan interest rates. Most of the deposit schemes are now getting higher interest rates than before. Now the name of the country’s largest public sector bank Canara Bank has been added to this episode.

Canara Bank is offering an interest rate of 6.50% to its ordinary citizens. Whereas, 0.50% extra interest is offered to senior citizens. In this case, senior citizens get a total return of 7.00%. Actually Canara Bank has come up with a special FD plan for a total period of 666 days, in which the maximum interest rate is being offered to the customers.

Canara Bank tweeted the information-
Canara Bank has given information by tweeting on this matter from its official Twitter handle that if you want to get maximum return by investing on your fixed deposit scheme, then invest in 666 days FD and get an interest of 6.50%. On the other hand, senior citizens will get 0.50% more i.e. 7.00% interest rate.

Bank’s FD interest rate-
Let us tell you that Canara Bank has increased its FD rates on 8 August 2022 after the Reserve Bank’s decision to increase the repo rate by 0.50% on 5 August. The bank is offering 2.90% interest rate on FDs of 7 to 15 days to ordinary citizens. On the other hand, 4.00% interest on FDs of 46 to 90 days, 4.05% on FDs of 91 to 179 days, 4.65% on FDs from 180 days to 269 days, 4.65% interest rate from 270 days to 332 days is being offered. . At the same time, 5.50% interest on FD of 333 days, 5.55% on FD of 1 to 2 years, 5.60% on FD of 666 days, 5.75% on FD of 3 to 5 years and 5.75% on FD of 5 to 10 years. Used to be. All these interest rates are applicable on deposits of less than 2 crores.

PNB launches 405 day special FD scheme
Apart from Canara Bank, the country’s second largest public sector bank i.e. Punjab National Bank has come up with a great offer for its customers. Now the bank is offering an interest rate of 6.60% on 405 days fixed deposit scheme to senior citizens. At the same time, PNB is offering Special FD Rates of 6.10% to ordinary citizens for this period. PNB has recently announced an increase in its FD interest rates twice. Banks have implemented new FD rates on 19 August 2022.

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