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Can you click photos like DSLR with phone camera? Know the answers to all the questions here


Now many features have come in the camera of mobile phone.
There is a lot of difference between a mobile phone and a DSLR camera, so that the difference is visible in the photo.
Good pictures come when clicked through cinematic in mobile phones.

As technology is increasing, new phones are being launched one by one in the world of smartphones. From the software of these phones to the quality of the camera, progress is being made every day. Mobile companies are launching different features in the phone camera. However, despite all these features, the quality of a DSLR camera is not available in mobile phones. There are many reasons for this like there is a lot of difference between the lens of a DSLR camera and the lens of a phone. DSLR is made only for the purpose of taking the best photos, but apart from having a good camera in the phone, many other things matter.

Now the question arises that despite such a difference, how can you click a picture like a DSLR with the phone’s camera? Let us first know the basic difference between DSLR camera and mobile camera…

difference between dslr and phone camera
There are many differences between DSLR and phone camera. Let us know about them one by one.

1-sensor to DSLR It’s called the backbone. The biggest difference between a DSLR and a phone camera is the sensor. The bigger the sensor, the more light will be captured. And this feature makes the picture great. This is the reason why the mobile camera is not able to perform well in low lighting.

2-The second point is the aperture. The diameter of the aperture in the camera is increased or decreased so that the light enters the lens of the camera. Using the aperture, you can increase or decrease the light as per the need. DSLR has this feature but mobile phone camera does not have such feature.

3-lens- DSLR is designed in such a way that different types of lenses are installed in it. The lens can be changed according to the need, but the lens is internal in mobile phones. However, now many lenses for mobile phones are also available in the market.

These are some of the differences that exist between mobile phone cameras to DSLRs. You cannot click a picture like a DSLR in the phone, but there are many ways in which the quality of the phone’s camera can be increased.

How to increase the quality of mobile phone camera
To increase the quality of the mobile phone camera, first of all check the settings related to the camera in the phone properly. Now a new feature has been added to the new phone, which is called Cinematic. There are some options in Cinematic from which a good picture can be clicked even at nights.

Also some feature has been added to increase the light. Along with this, now you also get the option of professional mode in premium range mobiles. By going into this professional mode, you can correct ISO, click speed and grid line according to your own. Huh.

Apart from this, small lenses are available online for mobile phones which are used by putting in the phone’s camera. Although this lens is not the quality of DSLR but makes the photo better than the phone.

The third way is present in the form of some apps through which you can edit photos and make them attractive.

Some examples are given below –
1.Pixtica app is very much discussed these days. In this, you can change its color temperature and ISO in various ways before clicking the photo.

2.Pro-cam X is also very famous in photo editing.

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