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Can Tor be blocked in Russia

Now Tor continues to work for many users in Russia. However, researchers say that the service has begun to block the largest Russian providers and mobile operators – Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and MegaFon.

Vadim Losev, a technical specialist at Roskomsvoboda, said that a complete blocking of the Tor network for 100% of users is rather impossible. But it is no longer possible to talk about 80% like that. According to Losev, Tor is being blocked with new TSPU equipment (a technical means of countering threats). Not all operators have this equipment – all mobile operators, and 3/4 of fixed ones.

Another IT specialist ValdikSS added that, most likely, TSPU is controlled by Roskomnadzor alone. This is how off-register locks can be carried out. All known public IP addresses of the Tor network are now being blocked; blocking of CDN-domain of Microsoft corporation; blocking the WebRTC DTLS protocol using TSPU (Snowflake method).

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There was also information about the notification of Roskomnadzor for Tor owners. It says that if “prohibited information” is not removed, then the service will be entered into the register of prohibited sites. So far Roskomnadzor has not responded to a request from journalists.


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