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Can other people withdraw money from your account with the help of Aadhaar number? See what is true

New Delhi: To every person living in India Aadhaar card Is needed. Without support, many of your government and private affairs may come to a standstill. Aadhaar is needed everywhere, from opening a bank account to availing government schemes. Today we are going to give you answers to many questions related to Aadhaar fraud. Now that everyone’s bank accounts are linked to Aadhar card, in such a situation, the question that haunts the people is, can there be fraud on Aadhar number? So, UIDAI According to the information on the website, no one can withdraw money from your account just by knowing your bank account number. Similarly, no one can withdraw money from an Aadhaar linked bank account just by knowing your Aadhaar number.

To withdraw money from an account, the bank has a fixed procedure. In which the account holder must be present in the branch himself. Or his check must have proper signature. Or he needs to have PIN, ATM or OTP, password for digital transactions. At the same time, for a new password or PIN, banks are required to fill in a number of information, not just a new password or PIN. There is nothing wrong with giving Aadhaar number information to anyone in such a situation. Fraudsters ask for your personal information by showing a large sum of money or by claiming that the card has been blocked or in some other way. Includes date of birth, PAN card information, user ID, OTP, password or PIN etc. The bank and the government are constantly explaining to the people that the bank employees never ask for this information from you.

On any phone call from an unknown number, people often give out your personal information and do you harm. Banks clearly state that under no circumstances should you give your OTP, PIN, password or user ID to anyone. If in doubt, contact your bank branch. According to government rules, a bank account can be opened through Aadhar card along with other documents. However, after receiving the Aadhar card, the banks have to follow the entire account opening process and complete the verification. In such cases, no fraudster can open an account in your name without your consent, simply by taking a copy of the Aadhaar card. In that case, it would be the fault of the bank, not the Aadhaar cardholder.

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