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Can live location be tracked with the help of website? Know the special information related to this


To track the location of anyone, a link can be made with the help of the website.
After sending this link, the location will reach you as soon as you click on it.
Apart from this, virus can also be checked very easily in any link.

new Delhi. Many times people give their wrong information while talking to people. Do you also know any such acquaintance who gives wrong information about the location. If yes, then we are going to tell you about such a website, with the help of which you can track anyone’s location very easily. While doing this, the person whose location you are tracking does not even get the information. Not only this, the facility of tracking the location of many people is also available simultaneously.

Apart from this, if someone sends you a fake link, then it can also be checked very easily with the help of a website. Both these websites are completely free.

Track location from this website
To track anyone’s location, search Grabify IP Logger on Google Chrome browser with the help of internet. Here you will get to see many options. Out of which you have to visit only. After login on this, you can create a tracking link and send it to the person whose location you want to track. Let us tell you that it is illegal to track someone’s location without permission.

Create tracking link like this
1- To create a tracking link, first search on Google Chrome browser.
2. After this visit this website. After entering the email id, login it.
3. Now you can create any tracking link according to your own.
4. Usually people create links by giving the name of Amazon offer or free gift voucher.
5. Now you can send this location to anyone.
6. After clicking on this link by the user, you can track the location through ip-address.

Download Link

Check whether the link is secure or not
If someone sends you a link called Amazon offer or free voucher, avoid clicking it without checking it. You can visit website to check any link. Along with this, you also get the facility to check the virus in photos, videos and document files on this website. Tracking anyone’s location is illegal. If someone sends a link to you, then do complain about it. People can be made aware through these tips.



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