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Can Credit Card Withdraw Without OTP? Follow these tips to stay safe

New Delhi:Credit card users have to be very careful now. If you make even one mistake, your credit card can be withdrawn without any OTP. So you can stay safe by following some simple methods. This can keep your credit card safe. After doing this, no one will be able to withdraw money from your credit card without providing the OTP.

It has been seen in many cases that users have been withdrawing money from their accounts without asking the credit card OTP. So you have to be very careful. In fact this whole scam is done with the help of VPN. Your credit card is baited. A big fraud like this is being done now. Most of the scams are from cashback offers on credit cards. If you want to avail this offer, you need to download an app.

Hackers connect VPN after downloading the app. Here you are asked to enter the credit card. After entering the credit card details, an OTP will be sent to your smartphone. Hackers do not need to ask for OTP to withdraw money from credit card. Because, they can easily recognize the VPN connect OTP. With a VPN connection, you don’t need to access any messages or credit card information.

So many companies have come up with different offers to secure credit cards. If someone uses your credit card by mistake, the company makes the payment instead. So if you get such a call, do not respond to it. Many people have been duped by this scam.

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