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Called many times and 50 lakh rupees were emptied from OTP account, new technique adopted for cheating!

Delhi Cyber ​​Fraud Case: A big case of online fraud has come to the fore. The thugs made Rs 50 lakh disappear from the account of a person running a security agency. The victim says that he did not tell any OTP nor did he get any call for OTP (Without OTP Fraud), yet the money disappeared from his account.

The victim says that he received a missed call several times on his number, out of which he picked up once or twice but there was no response. According to the Times of India report, the process of missed calls went on for 1 hour and after that a message came on his number that 50 lakh rupees have been emptied from the bank account. The call came between 7 pm and 8:45 pm. The incident is being told of 19 October.

Money transferred to different accounts

Cyber ​​criminals are adopting new methods of fraud. In this case an amount of 50 lakhs has been withdrawn from the account through RTGS. Cyber ​​fraud has withdrawn 50 lakh rupees through different accounts. 12 lakh in the account of one Bhaskar Mandal while Rs 4.6 lakh has been sent to another person’s account and 10 lakh in two different accounts.

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Withdraw money without OTP!

Police say that “SIM Swapping” has been used to withdraw such amount. Police informed that under this technique, fraudsters somehow gain access to the SIM and use a duplicate SIM card with the registered number from the account. After this, by closing on the original number, the duplicate SIM becomes active and they can get information about OTP etc. through the message.

how to defend

If any call or SMS is not coming in your phone, then immediately talk to the mobile operator about it and get complete information. Also call customer care. In such a situation, even if there are too many calls, there should be an alert. Because in such a situation the fraudster can force them to switch off the mobile by calling them repeatedly.

Your mobile number should not be shared on any social media or at such a place from where anyone can get the details of your number. Do not give your phone and bank details to anyone. Keep checking the SMS of your phone as well.


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