Monday, March 4, 2024

C Russian orbital station will be able to fly to the Moon twice a month

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With the promising Russian Orbital Station (ROC) it will be possible to send spacecraft to the Moon every 15 days. About this in his report during «Korolyov’s readers» told the specialist on ballistic protection of flights RKK «Energiya» Nikita Chudinov. It is assumed that the station will be located in a high-latitude (polar) orbit with an inclination of 97 degrees, such flatness of the orbit will not only allow sending apparatus to the Moon twice a month, but also expand the possibility of observation of the entire territory of Russia.

In turn, the head of the department of RKC «Energiya» Rafael Murtazov noted at the same time that ROC will be inclined to encounter space debris, on average, no more than twice a year. At the moment it is known that the launch date of the first, scientific-energy, module of the Russian station is planned for the end of 2027, and the terminal, gateway, base and target modules – for 2028-2030. According to the general designer of RKK «Energiya», academician of RAS Vladimir Solovyev, ROC will be able to work in orbit about 50 years.

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