Monday, February 26, 2024

BYD and Shell expand cooperation: companies build hundreds of charging stations in Brazil

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Company BYD entered into a strategic partnership with Raizen Power, a Brazilian energy company owned by Shell, and plans to build hundreds of charging stations in 8 major cities of Brazil, to provide local users with convenient and efficient charging services.

Officials said that this cooperation covers the cities of San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Blue Horizon, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Salvador and Belen. The two parties will jointly expand the network of public charging stations in Brazil, planning to build 600 new charging stations and add 18 megawatts of installed capacity to further satisfy user needs.

In addition, this cooperation also grants exclusive rights and interests to owners of BYD cars in Brazil, and users will be able to use the services of BYD-Shell electric mobile charging centers at a more favorable price.

BYD and Shell signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in 2022. On September 19 last year Shell officially announced the opening in Shenzhen of the joint venture Shenzhen Shell BYD Electric Vehicle Investment Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the construction and operation of charging stations in China.

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