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Buying Smartphone: Thinking of buying a smartphone in the new year? Avoid these mistakes, no harm done

New Delhi: Buying New Phone: While buying a smartphone, one has to pay attention to many things including the price. Which includes everything from camera-battery to various things. If you too are thinking of buying a new phone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Often a new phone is chosen on the basis of its brand, features or price, but after buying a phone, there are some things that bother you. In this case, pay attention to this while buying the phone so that there is no problem later.

Phone weight and size matters:

It is also very important to pay attention to the weight and size of the smartphone. Users feel that the phone is too heavy or bulky after purchasing it. The thing to remember is that a phone is something you carry with you. It is also important for the phone to be compact or light as per the requirement.

Don’t choose that smartphone because it’s getting a discount:

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Many consumers make the mistake of buying the smartphone that is available at the biggest discount during an online sale. Don’t do that at all. First of all choose the phone according to your requirement and then if you are getting a discount on this phone then it is best. Many times users get disappointed later on when it comes to phone features available at a discount.

5G Connectivity:

5G rollout in India started two months ago and getting 5G support is very important while buying a new phone. Some parts of India will get 5G connectivity by the end of next year. But when it does, be prepared with the right device. In case 4G phone cannot use 5G internet, you need to upgrade the phone.

Software updates required:

If you are buying an older smartphone, which comes with an older Android OS version, it is important to get new updates for new features. Always check how many years the company will provide major updates and security updates to your phone. Make sure the phone is getting at least two major Android updates.


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