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Buying an electric car is a win-win! Save 9 lakhs on buying the cheapest Tata Tigor EV with 306KM range, know how

If you are planning to transfer to EV instead of petrol, but are confused whether buying an EV at a more expensive price than a normal petrol car can be a profitable deal, then today we are going to clear your dilemma. Huh. Yes, for example, we have chosen the country’s most economical and strong electric sedan Tata Tigor EV.

Tata Tigor EV Power and Specifications

Talking about power and specifications, the Tata Tigor EV is powered by a Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motor that generates 74.7 PS of power and 170 Nm of torque. 26 kWh battery is available in Tigor EV. As for the speed, this EV can accelerate from 0-60 km in just 5.7 seconds.

Tata Tigor EV range and speed

Tata Tigor EV can cover a distance of 306 km on a single charge. For safety, this EV has got 5 stars from GNCAV which makes it the safest electric sedan in India. Talking about the charging time, it can charge from 0-80 percent in just 65 minutes with the fast charger. At the same time, 0-80 percent can be charged in just 8 hours 45 minutes with a normal charger at home or office. The company gives a warranty of 8 years or 1.6 lakh km on the battery and motor with this EV.

Tata Tigor EV Price

Talking about the price, the starting ex-showroom price of Tata Tigor EV Rs 12,49,000 Is. Apart from this, if you buy an electric car, there is also a subsidy from the state and the center. Apart from this, the opportunity of saving tax on EMI of EV is also being given by the government.

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Millions saved over the years by buying Tata Tigor EV

According to the official website of Tata Motors, the purchase of Tata Tigor EV can save up to lakhs of rupees over 5 years of use. Suppose if your daily running is 100 km and the price of petrol in Noida is around Rs 97, then you can save Rs 917020 for 5 years through Tata Tigor EV instead of petrol car.


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