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Buyers are outraged: the production of the popular Ola S1 electric scooter has been stopped.

Manufacturer Ola Electric has announced the halt to production of the Ola S1 electric scooter, which will not be produced until the end of 2022. The company said that it is struggling to meet the growing demand for a more powerful S1 Pro model.

Customers who booked the Ola S1 have been notified that the scooter will be released later this year, despite the company starting deliveries of the S1 last month. The report says that the vast majority of customers have chosen the S1 Pro, which is better equipped compared to the S1.

Ola encourages customers who originally ordered the S1 to opt for the higher version if they want to get the scooters faster. Final payments will be accepted from January 21, while shipping will continue until February. Delivery will take 10-20 days depending on the location of buyers.

Customers with pre-orders for the S1 that have not been updated within the specified period will have to wait for the model to resume production, which will be about eleven months. Ola says customers will be notified as soon as production of the S1 resumes before final payments are accepted and subsequent deliveries are made.

Fans have already expressed outrage, many are unhappy that the model they chose was not given priority, and the manufacturer preferred to produce a more expensive model. That said, the Ola S1 Pro currently ships without key features such as cruise control, hyper mode, hill-climb assist, and the navigation feature common to the Ola S1 and S1 Pro models. From promise to add later with an update.

From the outside, both Ola S1 models look the same, but the Pro variant offers a larger 3.97 kWh battery compared to the 2.98 kWh battery in the base variant. Other features include a “hyper mode” that is missing from the standard model. The Ola S1 costs about $1,350, while the older model is priced at $1,750. The Ola S1 has a range of up to 121 km, while the S1 Pro has 181 km.

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