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Buy this device for only this much rupees to protect the goods of the house, shop from theft and to catch the thief


Smart siren alarm can catch the thief by putting any other key in the lock.
Its starting price is only Rs.399 on online Amazon.
No separate device is required to control it.

new Delhi: In the early times, people used to put a normal lock on any item to protect it from theft. It is very easy to open it with the help of a key. In the era of technology, there are many smart locks available with modern features. Apart from controlling it from the smartphone, it can also be used manually. Are you also afraid of theft of any goods. In this case, you can buy an alarm lock.

Apart from protecting the goods from theft, it also helps in catching the thief. The people around can catch the thief only when the siren rings after the wrong key is inserted.

Can be used like normal locks without alarm
This alarm lock can also be used as a normal lock. For this, you will not need any other device separately. You can use it normally without connecting it to the smartphone. If you press any other key without using the alarm, the sound of the alarm does not come. Like a normal lock, it can be installed in a box inside the house. Use it outside the house or at the door with an alarm only.

set alarm like this
Generally, after setting the time to set the alarm in any gadgets, a smartphone is required. It is very difficult to set an alarm without connecting to Bluetooth. If you buy smart alarm siren lock, then you will not need any separate device in it.

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It can be locked with normal in one side and with alarm in the other side. Even illiterate people can use it very easily.

Price and Features
The price of this Smart Alarm Siren Lock starts from Rs.399 only on Amazon online. It is also available in the offline market. Apart from this, there are many such locks available in which fingerprint can be set. Not only this, you can also buy it with GPS system. It is very easy to control by connecting it to smart phone via Bluetooth. Its cost is slightly higher as compared to siren lock.


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