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Buy these 3 best external SSD cards to store data securely


The price of Samsung T5 500GB External SSD is Rs.7999 on Amazon.
The price of SanDisk Extreme 500GB is Rs 7708 with 5 years warranty.
To buy Western Digital 1TB, at least Rs 10208 will have to be spent.

There are many external SSD available in the market. While buying it, many times people are not able to decide which one is the best among them. Actually, people get confused due to the price and features being similar. On the other hand, people who buy local external SSD may face problems regarding the security of data later. Not only this, sometimes with the expiry of the warranty, the problems of malfunctioning start.

In such a situation, you can buy any one of these 3 external SSD. It belongs to three different famous companies. Apart from this, it also competes with each other due to the price and features.

Samsung T5 500GB
Millions of people have bought Samsung’s portable SSD on Amazon so far. Its speed is also very good according to the price. Due to 540MB/s reading speed, you can search the data very quickly. Apart from this, USB 3.1 port has been given in it. Despite being thin love it has shock resistance.

Even after falling from a distance of 2 meters, not a single scratch can be seen in it. Apart from this, in terms of security, facilities like password and encryption are available in it. It can be connected to Android iOS and Mac as well as Windows devices. Its price is only Rs.7999.

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sandisk extreme 500gb
With great look and design, you can buy SanDisk Extreme 500GB for just Rs 7708 on 5 years warranty. It’s drop protection, shockproof IP55 rating water resistance. Its reading speed is 1000MB/s. Apart from this, the writing speed is also very good.

For more security of data, features like encryption are available in it. Till now millions of people have bought it on Amazon. Apart from the price and features, it is quite portable.

Western Digital 1TB
If you need more storage, then you can take Western Digital 1TB for this. In this, there is a facility to put a password to protect the data. It doesn’t require much space to keep it is quite portable, can also be kept in the side of the bag.

On the other hand, if we talk about connectivity, then it can be connected to Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices. Its writing speed is 1,000MB/s and reading is 1,050MB/s. Can also connect it with C cable. Its price is only Rs.10208 on Amazon online.



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