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Buy goods worth 1 lakh from Flipkart without paying, people shopping by pressing as soon as the offer comes


New Delhi. If you are preparing to shop from Flipkart then this is the right time for you. Because Flipkart has brought a new offer. You will not have to make any payment when shopping in the offer. Flipkart has named it Pay Later. Along with this, a prize of Rs 500 is being given separately. Pay Later Card is also being offered by Flipkart.

Flipkart Pay Later simply means that you do not have to pay at the same time. But later you have to pay. Actually Flipkart has brought this new offer for such users who cannot make the payment immediately. But if you want to buy goods on EMI, then they can take this option. But some interest can also be taken on this.

You can order any item from Flipkart-

If you buy any item, then you have to make payment before 5th of next month. You will not have to pay any additional charge on payment before the 5th. Flipkart Pay Later also offers you to make simultaneous payments. Flipkart started this to make the process of shopping easier. The company says that many times the customer is unable to order the things due to lack of money.

Keeping such customers in mind, Pay Later has been started. Flipkart Pay Later also gives the freedom to shop. That is, you can shop without any hassle. That is, even at the end of the month, you will not have any problem in shopping. Its application process time is 30 seconds. You can also buy it in EMI as well. With this you can pay Electricity Bill, Gas, Postpaid and any other bill.

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