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Buy gleaming cruiser bike for less than 2 lakhs, these are the best 5 models including Royal Enfield

RE Classic 350 is a popular cruiser bike.Image Credit source: Royal Enfield

India is one of the largest bike markets in the world. Here you will find bikes in every style and range. If you like cruiser bike, then there is no dearth of options. Powerful cruiser bikes often cost more. That’s why many people shy away from buying them. If your budget is up to Rs 2 lakh then cruiser bike can be yours. Companies like Royal Enfield, Jawa and Hero MotoCorp give you the opportunity to buy affordable cruiser bikes from Rs 2 lakh.

Cruiser bikes are liked for their comfortable riding and stylish looks. Their look and design makes people crazy from far away. Apart from this, they are also powerful in terms of performance and features. Here are 5 things you can do in a budget of Rs 2 lakh cruiser bike Can take a look.

Affordable cruiser bikes under Rs 2 lakh

List of 5 cruiser bikes in India for less than Rs 2 lakh.

Hero Mavrick 440: Hero MotoCorp has recently launched Maverick 440 bike. This bike is made on the lines of Harley-Davidson X440. Hero’s new bike is a great option for cruiser bike. The starting ex-showroom price of the bike with 440cc engine is Rs 1.99 lakh.

Jawa 42: Jawa 42 is another great cruiser bike. If you want to buy some other bike instead of Royal Enfield, then Jawa 42 can be a good choice. Equipped with the power of 294.72cc engine, this cruiser bike gives excellent performance. Its starting ex-showroom price is Rs 1.98 lakh.

Royal Enfield Classic 350: Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the best selling bike of the company. This great cruiser bike comes with the power of 349cc engine. In this you get single and dual channel ABS system. The ex-showroom price of Classic 350 starts from Rs 1.93 lakh.

Komaki Ranger: If you want to buy an electric cruiser bike instead of petrol, then you can buy Komaki Ranger. This electric bike can cover a distance of 180 km to 220 km in a single charge. The ex-showroom price of Komaki Ranger is Rs 1.85 lakh.

TVS Ronin: TVS is very affordable for you cruiser bike Presents. The ex-showroom price of TVS Ronin starts from Rs 1.49 lakh, which comes with a great design. It will be powered by 225.9cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine.


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