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Business Startup Classroom: How Startup Founders Keep Themselves Motivated

Business Startup Classroom: This love is not easy, just understand this, it is a river of fire and you have to go by drowning. This lion of Jigar Moradabadi sir, fits perfectly on startup people, because startup is also a love, and in this love there are so many storms that they shake the founder, break him, some people go ahead of him, So some people get swept away in this storm. When I started SkillingYou, after only 10 days, the news came that my mother has cancer, then calling her to Delhi, starting her treatment, taking care of her, all the startup planning started failing. But it is said, God is a better planner. So you just have to trust yourself, and don’t deviate from the goal. There would hardly be anyone who did not advise me to go back to the job in those days, but I knew that I did not leave the job, I left it for the startup, I had to do the startup. Well, all these troubles come in different forms in everyone’s share, so what to do in such a way that you can come among those successful people who you want to be. Some things which I used to take care of then and still keep today, may be of use to you.

don’t have a plan b

Even before SkillingYou, I had started a startup, closed it after investing 15 lakhs for about a year, but at the same time I had thought that if I do it, I will start it and I will not have to lose at that time. And at the time of this startup I didn’t have any plan B, whole career was at stake, motivation to start startup doesn’t always come, but once you have thought of this, just keep this in mind, plan B is always a There is a way from where you can escape, if that way is closed then it becomes do or die condition, just from this everything becomes easy and courage starts coming, whenever you start, just one goal Keep in mind, Arjun was able to shoot the arrow in the bird’s eye because he could see only the eye, not the whole bird. Whenever you keep seeing the whole bird and the tree, the arrow will not hit the target.

Be careful who you take advice from

One thing is said in this world that the only problem should be of someone else, then every person becomes an advisor. In startup you will find people who will give you advice, even if they have never done any business in their life, be careful, take advice only from those who understand startup world, better be in startup yourself. Even if you are not there, the most important thing is to be positive, be able to motivate you, give you positive feedback on ideas, not discourage you. If such people are not available, then my advice would be to stay without a consultant, it would be a better decision.

just don’t give up on the day you feel like giving up

The life of a startup founder is like a roller coaster, in the morning everything seems to be going well, till evening nothing seems to be going well, it was better to be in the job. That’s all you have to achieve your destination, we humans have a habit like this too, of postponing things till tomorrow, just use this habit at the right place, that is, when you are defeated and tired, whenever you feel that something is not going right If it is, or it will not be possible now, let’s leave it, close it, just don’t give up on that day, postpone it for tomorrow, have faith, new morning comes with new options, you will definitely find a solution to your problem. I often say one thing to myself that “I will not lose where most people lose because I believe that my victory is as stubborn as me, it will come with a little pause.”

Remember, you are one of the few people chosen by the Universe for this difficult task, so obviously you will have something, all you have to do is believe in yourself and your victory is assured.


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