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Business Idea: Start this business in just Rs 20,000, earning in lakhs

Business Idea: Bumper earnings can be made through pineapple farming. Its biggest feature is that it can be grown in any season of the year. In many states, pineapple is cultivated for 12 months. Along with its cultivation, processed products can also be made and sold. This will reduce the cost and double the income

Business Idea: There are many benefits of eating pineapple . It is useful in increasing appetite and eliminating many stomach related problems. Its good price remains in the market. At present, very few people do Pineapple Cultivation, but you can get good profits from its cultivation. In many states, pineapple is cultivated for 12 months. The best thing about pineapple farming is that it can be done multiple times a year. Compared to other crops, pineapple has a better chance of earning profits.

Pineapple is an evergreen fruit of a cactus species . To get better production (Pineapple Production) it is advised to plant it by May-July. Today, about 92,000 hectares of pineapple is being cultivated in India. Due to which a yield of 14.96 lakh tonnes is available every year.

cultivation of pineapple

Maintenance of Pineapple is also very easy. Along with this, there is no need to take much care about the weather. In many states like Kerala, farmers cultivate it only for 12 months. Its plants require less irrigation than other plants. It takes about 18 to 20 months from sowing to ripening of fruits. When the fruit ripens, its color starts turning red-yellow. After which the work of harvesting it is started. Pineapple is considered a warm season fruit. Although it can be cultivated throughout the year.

Pineapple cultivation in these states

In most areas of India, pineapple is cultivated as the main crop. States like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tripura, Mizoram, West Bengal and Assam have more pineapple cultivation. The whole world tastes the taste of pineapple grown here. On the other hand, some farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar are now turning to pineapple cultivation in search of better income.

How much will be the earning?

Pineapple plants bear fruit only once. That is, you can get a pineapple only once in a lot. After this the crop has to be raised again for the second lot. Pineapple is eaten in many types of diseases. Therefore, its demand is high in the market. Pineapple is exported from India to other countries. Along with its cultivation, many farmers make its processed food (Pineapple Processing) and sell it in the market. This fruit is sold in the market for around Rs 150 to 200 per kg. In such a situation, if farmers produce even 30 tonnes of pineapple per hectare, they can earn lakhs of rupees.


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