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Bumper sales of three-wheelers of these companies in India, Bajaj’s auto rickshaw on top, see top 10 list


  • Thousands of three-wheelers are sold every month
  • Bajaj’s presence in this segment
  • More number of CNG and Electric

New Delhi.
Best selling Three Wheelers Auto Rickshaw:
Auto rickshaws and other three-wheelers are a major source of income for thousands and millions of people in India and are the main means of transport in metros as well as small towns. Now talk about which company sells the most three-wheelers in India, then Bajaj is the top company in this segment and it sold 13,844 units of three-wheelers in the last month i.e. December. It was followed by Piaggio, which sold more than 4 thousand three-wheelers. If you too are planning to buy a three-wheeler these days, then first see which company is a good option for you?

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Talk about the best selling three-wheeler company in India According to the December 2021 Three-Wheeler Sales Report, Bajaj sold the highest number of 13,844 units last month. After this, Piaggio sold a total of 4,000 units of three-wheelers. YC Electric Company sold 2290 three-wheelers. Mahindra sold a total of 1635 three-wheelers. Atul company was at number five, which sold a total of 1476 three-wheelers. After this, Champion Poly Plast Company sold 1074 three-wheelers. Saira Electric sold 1070 three-wheelers. Best Way Agencies sold 852 three-wheelers.

Piaggio Three-Wheelers

View the status of these companies
Delhi Electric was at number 9 in the list of best selling three-wheelers, which sold 838 three-wheelers. After this Mahindra Rewa Company sold 796 three-wheelers in December 2021. Here is the top 10 list followed by TVS Motor sold 773 units, Unique International 673 units, Mini Metro EV 604 units, JS Auto 563 units and Thukral Electric 553 units of three-wheelers in India. Let us tell you that except Piaggio, almost all the companies have registered annual growth in December 2021 and this shows that there is a good demand for three-wheelers in India.

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