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Bullet Train Fare: First bullet train fare revealed! Railway Minister told – how much will the ticket cost?

Mumbai to Ahmedabad Bullet Train: Preparations are running fast for the first bullet train in the country to run on the route from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The update was also released on the work of the bullet train from the side of the railway to the Pichle the Inns railway. Railway trips have been waiting for that The Ein for a long time, when the bullet train will run on the track. During an event, Railway Minister Ashwini Vishnav told that the bullet train will be started from 2026. He told that in this direction, the railway is going fast from the side of the railway.

The basis of the FIRST AC being built
The Railway Minister also said that many steps have been taken in this direction from the government. Their results have also started coming. The gesture was also made by the railway minister about the tip of the pin of the pin bullet train. During an event, he said that the decision of the bullet train has not yet been made. Lake it will be accessible to the people. He also said that the base is being built on the LE FURST AC of the bullet train. This is being said from his side, this is being estimated as the bullet train will be around the tip of the first AC.

End im not ade on the tip of the project
He also told that the bullet train will be less than the flight and the suvidhas will also get better. During this time, they will also be able to clean this on the rent only after the completion of the adept project. Right now only one can be guessed about it. The first Mumbai-Ahmadabad Highspeed Railway Project will be completed. Only then will work on other projects start.

2026 has been placed on the side of the government to run a bullet train between Surat and Bilimora. They said that this work is going on well. Let me tell you, there is a preparation to run a bullet train at a speed of 320 km Prat i Ghal between Mumbai to Ahmedabad. It will take less than two hours to cover the 508 km distance between the two cities. There will be 12 stations between the two cities.

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