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Broken Tempered Glass: If the tempered glass starts cracking from the edges, then throw it away, it can hurt thousands in one stroke

Smartphone Display Protection: After buying a new smartphone, people put tempered glass on it to make its display safe. It is available in many categories in the market, and you can choose tempered glass according to your budget range. The tempered glass protects the display from breaking when the smartphone falls. Many times it happens that without any reason the tempered glass of your smartphone starts cracking from the edges. There can be many reasons why this happens, but when it starts happening then you should immediately remove it from your smartphone and throw it away. If you do not know about this, then we are going to tell you so that you can avoid harm.  

Display may be bad 

When the tempered glass on the display of the smartphone starts cracking from the edges, then some of its sharp edges also come out, in such a situation if you touch the display of the smartphone hard, then the scratch from this tempered on the display of your smartphone can also be felt. . In such a situation, to save the scratch to the display, it is necessary that you immediately remove this broken tempered glass and throw it away and replace it with a good quality tempered glass. 

The necessary protection is not available when falling 

Once the tempered glass starts cracking from the edges, its grip on the middle area starts to weaken, due to which if the smartphone falls from your hand then its display can be broken, because when the grip of the tempered glass is weak then this display Will not be able to protect properly. In such a situation, if the smartphone falls on the ground from your hand, then its display will be broken as well as damage will be done on its body. For this it is necessary that the tempered glass is firmly attached to the edges. If the display breaks, then you may have to spend thousands of rupees to get it made. 

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