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British sixth generation fighter predicted trouble

Tempest should be capable of using hypersonic weapons and lasers, elements of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The UK hopes the fighter will be ready in 2035. However, there is a catch in the production of an aircraft.

Instead of one main contractor from one country, several companies from different countries are working on Tempest: BAE Systems, Saab, Leonardo, Rolls-Royce and MBDA. In addition, specialists from other small companies and institutions were also involved. At the same time, there is a project for another new generation fighter called the Future Combat Air System. It is even discussed that the Future Combat Air System and Tempest can be combined into one program.

Experts point out that so many different contractors are guaranteed to lead to problems. For example, Lockheed Martin and Boeing worked on the F-22, and now the plane has many technical problems.

The authors of 19fortyfive believe the Tempest program is fraught with risks due to all the confusion and trouble.

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