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Britain’s new PM Keir Starmer gave his first speech to those who did not vote for the Labour Party

UK Election Result 2024: Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has officially become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after his party’s massive victory. After meeting King Charles at Buckingham Palace, Britain’s new PM Keir Starmer addressed the people outside 10 Downing Street. During this, he also gave a message for those who did not vote for his Labour Party.

‘We will immediately begin the work of bringing about change in the country’

Britain’s new PM vowed to bring about a change in the country as the new Prime Minister after this big victory of the Labour Party outside 10 Downing Street. He thanked his predecessor Rishi Sunak’s government and said that he would start the work of change in the country immediately. Promising new policies, the new PM Starmer said that changing a country is not like pressing a switch.

Outside 10 Downing Street, the British PM has also given a message to those who did not vote for the Labour Party. He said that he will fulfill the responsibility of the trust that the voters have shown in his government. He said, “Whether you have voted for the Labour Party or not, my government will continue to serve you.”

PM Keir Starmer made these promises

PM Keir Starmer said, “There is no doubt that the work of change will begin immediately in Britain. Everyone will be treated with respect and dignity. Work like reduction in electricity bills, electricity for everyone will be done immediately.” He said that the world has now become more unstable than before. In his speech, the PM promised to provide world-class schools and colleges, affordable homes.

Britain’s new PM Keir Starmer targeted the previous government while referring to his country’s nurses, builders, drivers as well as people doing daily work. He said that I know that if I ask people here whether you think Britain will be better for your children, most people will answer no. He said that I will keep working continuously to gain your trust.


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