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Bring home this ‘Robot’ that floats in water for 400 rupees only, looks like a fish; Know amazing features

If you also have children in your house and you want to give them an interesting gift, then we have an amazing option for you. Today we are going to tell you about a robot fish that gets activated in water. If you have small children in your house who are seeking a pet or want to keep fish, then this fish robot is perfect for you and its price is also very less.

Make your kids happy 

If small children are insisting on keeping fish or any pet in your house but you do not want to take this step, then we would suggest that you buy this robot fish. This robot will make your kids happy too and you won’t even have to raise a real animal or fish. 

Fish robot 

We are talking here about a robotic fish that gets activated in water. This fish, which is actually a robot, starts moving as soon as it is put in the water and it stops as soon as it is removed from the water. This fish-like robot looks very real in the water and can prove to be good enough to amuse the kids. A battery and a motor are fitted inside this robot, so that it floats comfortably in water. 

Take your home for 400 rupees 

If you are wondering how and for how much you can buy this robot, then let us tell you that the cost of this robot is only Rs 399. You can order it from the online shopping platform Amazon. Also, know that this robot is fully automatic and does not require any on or off button.

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