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Brand new Apple product delayed until 2023 due to overheating

It wasn’t until a large number of rumors and leaks about the infamous AR headset began to surface online that new data tells us the device has been shelved.

The source claims that Apple has postponed the launch of the headset to 2023, and not just like that, but because of problems with both software and hardware. In the latter case, it is primarily overheating, although some problems with the camera are also mentioned.

Given the rumors of a very capable headset platform and a 96-watt charger, it’s very easy to believe the overheating claims. Moreover, Apple has already encountered a similar problem when developing the AirPower charger, although there the problem was due to completely different factors.

Interestingly, Apple is now allegedly testing a version of a headset with a fan, but the company would like to exclude this element from a serial device. It is the exclusion of the fan that can lead to overheating.


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