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Brake Fluid: Like a car, this oil also works in a bike, it is useful in keeping it safe, know the details

The use of disc brakes is very much in trend even in very low budget bikes and scooters across the country. Apart from IC bikes and scooters, disc brakes are also used in electric vehicles to enhance safety. In such a situation, like a car, a special oil is also used in the bike. So that the vehicle can be stopped safely. In this news, we are telling you what this oil is and how it helps in keeping the vehicle safe.

There is a special kind of oil

Apart from engine oil, a special oil is also used in the bike. Although it is used only in those bikes and scooters, in which disc brakes are given. Brake fluid makes it much easier to stop the bike safely. But if the brake fluid is not used in the bike or if it runs out, then there is a lot of trouble in stopping the bike.

There is a separate store

Brake fluid is stored separately in the bike. For this, a special type of chamber is made in the bike. Which can be easily identified. Usually it is positioned near the brake lever on the right side of the handlebar of the bike or scooter. Information is also given above this chamber and the fluid level can be checked without opening it.

what is the price

By the way, all companies check the brake fluid in bikes and scooters during the service itself. But if you do not get the service done by the company, then you can check it yourself every time during the service or anytime. If you find oil less, then disc brake fluid can be purchased from the market. It is easily available in the market between the price of 60 to 100 rupees. Generally, it is better to check and top-up it every six months if you run more bikes or scooters.


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