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BrainChip Tests Serial Neuromorphic SoC Akida

BrainChip Holdings, which calls itself “a leading provider of high-performance ultra-low-power artificial intelligence technologies and the world’s first commercial neuromorphic AI chip provider,” announced the completion of functionality and performance testing of production samples of its AKD1000 chip. The tests allegedly showed that production samples have better performance than engineering samples.

As part of the continuous development of the Akida neuromorphic single-chip (NSoC) system, BrainChip tested the production AKD1000 with several neural network applications, including object classification, keyword detection, and pulse neural networks. Improved performance and lower power consumption have been achieved through improved layout and some minor design changes from previous engineering prototypes testing.

Serial microcircuits Akida AKD1000 are manufactured by TSMC according to the 28nm process technology. Now such microcircuits are installed in PCIe and Mini-PCIe expansion cards, shipped to customers for further testing.

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