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Bounce Infinity E1 Review: How is Bounce’s first electric scooter to drive? Know Range, Features

Bounce, a Bangalore-based start-up company that provided bikes and scooters to its customers on rent, was the first of its kind. The company was the first company to do such work without taking any deposit. After being in the market for a long time and in view of the increasing demand for electric scooters, the company has launched its electric scooter.

Talking about the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter, this scooter is being sold in only one variant, which has been priced at Rs 60,000. It was launched earlier this year, recently the company called us to test this scooter. How is it running? Let’s know.

Bounce Infinity E1 Design & Style

Talking about the design, it has been given a retro design. At the front, circular headlight is given with circular LED DRLs. It has two projector units in which one is high beam and low beam. It has a separate handlebar and headlight cluster, which is placed above the handlebar.

Minimal body line has been given in its body. The LED taillight and turn signal indicator are provided at the rear which is the LED unit.

Bounce Infinity E1 Features

A full digital instrument cluster has been given in this scooter which provides enough information. It displays trip meter, battery level, range, speed, time etc. Along with this, Bluetooth connectivity is also provided which displays incoming calls.

Its dial is large and easy to read, it can be read easily both in the daytime or in the dark of night. It gets ample under-seat storage but a full face helmet won’t fit in it. Apart from this, Type-A USB charging socket is available in it.

Bounce Infinity E1 Performance, Range & Riding Experience

Talking about the motor first, the Bounce Infinity E1 has a 2 kWh battery pack which is powered by a 2.2 kW electric motor. Even though the figures may not be that good but it offers a maximum torque of 85 Nm which is great for an electric scooter.

The Bounce Infinity E1 comes with three ride modes – Power, Eco and Drag. The scooter can achieve a top speed of 35 km/h in Eco mode and 65 km/h in Power mode. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to mention that the top speed of this electric scooter is 65 km / h.

Drag mode is a very effective mode and it comes in handy when your scooter is punctured. In this mode, you can put the scooter and drive at a speed of 3 km / h and you will not need to pull it. As far as charging is concerned, this scooter can be charged in 5 hours with a normal charger.

If you charge it with a fast charger, it gets fully charged in 100 to 120 minutes. Once charged, the scooter offers an actual range of 65 km and 50 km in Power and Eco modes respectively.

Bounce has set up battery swapping stations in Bangalore and is working towards setting up such stations across the country. To use this swapping facility, the customer has to take a subscription of Rs.850/month. The customer has to go to the swapping station and remove the old battery from the scooter and replace the fully charged battery kept there.

The whole process is completed in just a minute and the battery swap charges Rs 35. However, there is every possibility that the company may add another battery on the footboard in the coming times to get more range.

The range of Infinity E1 is wide and comfortable. Although the seat is a bit wide at the front too, due to which the driver has to widen the legs, which can be a bit troublesome.

In terms of ride quality, it could have been better. It doesn’t feel that comfortable due to the extremely tight suspension setup. Small potholes are felt in this scooter and if the world passes through a pit at high speed, the scooter becomes unstable.

The handlebar is placed very close to the rider and so it hits your knees whenever you turn it to the right or left, especially if you are a tall rider. The acceleration is gradual and smooth and comes on smoothly at top speed.

However, it needs to be mentioned that the scooter we drove is a pre-production model, due to which it has some flaws. For example, if you take a sharp left turn, your side stand touches the road. The brand has informed that the side stand will be given a new design. Along with this, the panel gap has to be fixed and software update is to be received.


In today’s world where electric scooters dominate, it is a good thing to have different types of scooters. The Bounce Infinity E1 also adds a new variety to the scooters in the market and provides a new option for the customers. It did have some flaws but the brand is working towards fixing them.

On the other hand, this scooter has all the usual things right. It comes with ample range and performance. Along with this, to improve the use of this scooter, the company has installed battery swapping stations, which work as a good companion.

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