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Book DTC bus ticket with the help of WhatsApp, the method is easy

dtc bus ticket from whatsappImage Credit source: Unsplash

You can book direct DTC bus tickets with the help of WhatsApp. You do not need to wander anywhere for this work, nor do you need to download any app or visit any website. To book DTC bus ticket, you just have to scan the QR code or send Hi through WhatsApp to the number +918744073223.

Keep in mind that the service of DTC bus ticket booking through WhatsApp works only for the current day and for Delhi-NCR. With this service you will not get the option of advance booking. Only a maximum of 6 tickets can be booked at a time. Let us understand the complete process of booking properly.

How to book DTC bus ticket through WhatsApp

Once you scan the QR code or send Hi to +918744073223 through your phone number, you will get the option to choose the language. You can choose your language from English or Hindi. After this the option of Book Ticket will appear, after selecting it, click on the link shown below. This link will redirect you to a page, which will open on your default web browser, where you will be asked for travel details. You have to select your destination and route.

Payment and ticket delivery process

After filling your journey details, you have to click on ‘Continue’ and select the payment option. You will see Pay With UPI or Pay with Other Modes written. You can choose the method of payment as per your convenience. After this you will once again be redirected to WhatsApp chat. You have to make payment by clicking on Pay now button. This payment can be made through WhatsApp Pay or other UPI apps.

Once the payment is confirmed, the bus ticket will be delivered to your WhatsApp chat within some time.

Additional charges and restrictions

Let us tell you that no ID is required for booking DTC bus tickets through WhatsApp. You just have to pay a convenience fee of around 0.2%. If payment is made through debit card, then approximately 0.40% additional charge will have to be paid. Whereas on payment by credit card, an extra charge of 1.10% is taken. However, no fee has to be paid for payment through UPI.


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