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Book a luxury van to go to Ayodhya, the journey will be easier than bus and train.

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You can book these luxury vans to reach Ram Mandir

If you are also planning to go to Ayodhya with your whole family or friends to visit Ram Mandir, then before planning the trip, let us tell you what other options you have apart from bus and train. The most comfortable way to reach Ayodhya is by luxury van, there are many private operators who are providing luxury van services to Ayodhya.

The best way to travel is by luxury van. If your entire group is travelling, then luxury van is a great option. If you want to go to Ayodhya on a road trip, then all the luxury facilities are available in a luxury van.

hungry_pooja and motohom.caravans have shared a video on Instagram, some information has also been shared with this video. It is told that 8 people can easily travel in this luxury van.

How much is the rent of this luxury van?

If someone travels by this luxury van, the fare starts from Rs 70 per kilometer and goes up to Rs 150 per kilometer. This charge includes the cost of driver and fuel.

Not only this, there are some other benefits of traveling in this luxury van such as this van will benefit from facilities like Open Air Theatre, BBQ Setup, Hammock, Karaoke Kit, Outdoor Tent and Fishing Road.

The facility of this luxury van is not available in all cities but in Lucknow, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Apart from luxury van, there are many other options to go to Ayodhya like you can reach Ayodhya by train, bus and flight.

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