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BNB whales holding 40 million XRP buy 20 million Dogecoin

Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Mime are the most popular coins in cryptocurrencies and the big crypto whales are taking great interest in both coins these days. Recently there was news of a large purchase of Shiba Inu by Ethereum whales. Now similar news is coming about Dogecoin. A BNB whale has purchased a large amount of Dodgecoin. Its name is being told as Martian Manhunter. The rank of this whale included in the top 100 is said to be 71st. Whale has purchased about 20 million dogecoin. Whales are said to have holdings of 40 million XRP.

WhaleStats, a platform that tracks whale accounts, has revealed in a Twitter post that a BNB whale named Martian Manhunter has collected 18,800,433 DOGE Bought which is worth $ 1,256,188 (about Rs 10 crore). Apart from this, Whale has also done many more transactions. In a separate transaction, Martian Manhunter has purchased 11,988,683 MATICs worth $5,605,116 (approximately Rs 44 crore).

Apart from holding 4 crore XRP, this whale also has 2.5 crore ADA coins which are worth around Rs 88 crore. Apart from this, this whale also has 3 crore TRX tokens and 3 lakh 50 thousand LINK tokens.

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XRP is present as the top holding with BNB whales. Statistics from WhaleStats show that the top 2,000 BSC whales have XRP holdings worth over $1 billion.Crypto Due to the ongoing downturn in the market, whales are currently very active and are buying discounted crypto. Market volatility has continued since early 2022, giving whales a significant opportunity to increase their holdings. cryptocurrency In the world of whales, there are accounts that can affect the price of any token. If whales sell, the price of the token goes down, and if they buy the token, the price of the corresponding token goes up.

dodgecoin Talking about, it is currently trading at Rs 5.46. On July 5, Dodgecoin opened with a gain and its price increased by 3.4 percent. This is the third time in the first week of July when dodgecoin price has grown. This is the second time since June 26 that Dodgecoin has seen a gain of more than 4 percent. Dodgecoin’s active addresses have also seen an increase recently which could be a sign of a correction in the price of the token.


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