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Bluetooth tracker Probe will help you find the best fishing spots

Christer Hitraeus, a technologist from Sweden and part-time fisherman, has developed a gadget designed to increase the catch for all fans of this activity. Its Bluetooth tracker analyzes parameters such as diving depth and speed, water temperature, light levels and other conditions to help find fishing spots.

Bluetooth fishing tracker

The craftsman created a Bluetooth tracker 3.3 cm long and weighing only 7 grams, capable of being attached to the top of the fishing line leash. The device is immersed in the water along with the bait. When a fish hits the bait, the chip records the characteristic jerk of the line, and built-in sensors record parameters such as casting length, depth, water temperature and even the speed at which the tracker plunged into the water. 

When the gadget comes within range of Bluetooth, it transmits the received data to an application on the user’s smartphone. Using the software, the angler can determine where he needs to throw the bait next time. 

Bluetooth fishing tracker

Because the Bluetooth signal does not travel well through water, the tracker cannot transmit real-time readings. But based on the speed at which the device plunged into the water during previous casts, the app estimates the approximate depth. After this, the user receives a signal on the smartphone that the bait has presumably reached the desired area.

The tracker is currently available for pre-order on Kikstarter for $103. After the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the cost of the gadget will increase to $162.


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