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Blood Oxygen will be checked at home itself! This device of only Rs 348 will take full care of health

New Delhi. Best Oximeter Under 500: Omicron has done as much as the coronavirus surprised us. If you are assuming that Omicron is on the rise and Coronavirus is over, then it is not so. The danger of the fourth wave of coronavirus is looming over the people. There has been a significant increase in the cases of corona in India. A report has come out in which it has been told that cases of Kovid-19 have been seen in 9 states of India, in which Omicron’s new XBB variant is being seen the most.

It was a matter of increasing the cases of Corona. Now we also have to be safe from this and also have to do our health check-up from time to time. Now not everyone has the time to go to the doctor. So you must keep some things with you. One of these is Oximeter. You will get Oximeter online for a very low price i.e. less than Rs 500. You should always keep it with you so that you can keep measuring your blood oxygen. Let’s know about this product found on Amazon.

URBANMAC Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Price and Offers: This is a blood oxygen saturation monitor. With this you can measure your blood oxygen. By the way, its price is Rs 2,499. But you can buy it for just Rs 348. It is an inexpensive device that helps you monitor your health.

Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that you can carry around in your pocket. With this you can measure SpO2 and pulse rate. It is very easy to operate it. This portable monitor allows you to measure oxygen saturation level, pulse rate and pulse strength. It has an LED screen where you can see the level.

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