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Blizzard will introduce a new Warcraft on May 3

Blizzard is betting big on mobile devices. Previously, information about a possible Warcraft game for mobile devices slipped through, but the American company did not confirm the existence of the game until recently.

Now Blizzard has confirmed that the official presentation of its first mobile game Warcraft is scheduled for May 3rd. There are no details about the game yet.

With the exception of Hearthstone, which was developed as a regular PC game and then ported to mobile devices, Diablo Immortal will be Blizzard’s first game built for mobile devices from the ground up.

Despite the outrage from fans following the Blizzcon presentation of the game, Diablo Immortal seems to be one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year. Not to mention that Blizzard decided to reconcile with Diablo fans, Bringing Immortal to PC. However, Diablo Immortal is still mobile-centric, so the differences between the two versions will mostly be in the controls.

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